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Are you letting great opportunities get away?

So, you’ve gone through the interview process sent a unique thank you letter and still have not heard back from the recruiting manager. Well, don’t worry. The process isn’t over yet. Sending a follow-up letter is a great way to revive the opportunity and reassert yourself as the ideal candidate. By sending this letter, you are demonstrating your continued interest, persistence, and assertiveness. It will also be a great job search tool to use to remind the recruiting manager of your talents, value, and why you are the right person for the position. A follow-up letter reminds recruiters of your candidacy, puts your application back in the forefront, and demonstrates to them how they would be making a wise decision in choosing you.

A professionally written follow-up letter from Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing will:

  • Demonstrate your continued interest in the position
  • Reposition yourself as a candidate of interest
  • Remind recruiters of your value and talents
  • Help you to surpass other candidates and win and interview

As with all services and packages ordered through Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing, your follow-up letter will be delivered to you via email within five business days for your review (if you need it quicker send us an email and check our availability). We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the final document. 100% satisfaction is important to us is our goal for each client to be happy and satisfied when our services are complete.

You will receive your follow-up letter in Microsoft Word format, which you can further customize it as you wish or use it as written.

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