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Are you using this important and powerful job search document, or are you sending in your resume naked?

Many people wonder whether a cover letter also known as letter of intent or letter of interest is really necessary when applying to a position. The answer is resoundingly YES.

A first impression of someone is typically formed within 4-8 seconds. Even scarier is the concept that once a first impression is formed; it’s very unlikely to change. If the recruiting manager opens your application and discovers that you haven’t included a cover letter, it’s possible your application will end up in the “not to be interviewed pile” because of the message it sends, which is, that you couldn’t be bothered. And the same is true of an unorganized or poorly written cover letter.

A professionally written cover letter can make all the difference as to whether you receive an interview. A strong cover letter gives the reader a snapshot of your personality and professional strengths, and makes them want to move on and read your resume. Cover letters developed by Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing showcase your strengths, personality, and value. It will be well-written to highlight your effective communication and writing abilities and will work as a nice compliment to your resume.

With a professionally written cover letter from Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing, you will:

  • Show your interest in the position and effort in providing them with a well-written, thoughtful letter.
  • Be able to apply to multiple postings with only having to customize a few words.
  • Let your personality shine through and display what you can offer.
  • Give a strong first impression, driving the reader to take a closer look at your resume.

As with all services and packages ordered through Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing, your cover letter will be delivered to you via email within five business days for your review (if you need it quicker send us an email and check our availability). We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the final document. 100% satisfaction is important to us …it is our goal for each client to be happy and satisfied when our services are complete.

You will receive your cover letter in Microsoft Word format, which you can customize it as you wish or use it as written.

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