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  1. Why should I hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer instead of writing my own resume? click here
  2. I don’t have a resume, and despise “cookie cutter” resumes. What do you do to make sure my resume isn’t mundane? Click here
  3. How long will the process take? Click here
  4. I need a resume right away. Can you create one immediately? Click here
  5. How do I know you’re legit? Click here
  6. What if I’m not happy with the resume you create? Click here
  7. Can I make changes? Click here
  8. Payment up front. What’s with that? Click here
  9. I don’t own a credit card. Can I pay for some other way? Click here
  10. How ethical is it to have a professional service create my documents? Click here
  11. What’s with always writing a thank you note for every interview? Click here
  12. Will I need a text version of my resume? Click here
  13. What about refunds?? Will you guarantee my satisfaction? Click here
  14. Will you review old or current resumes and let me know how it comes across? Click here
  15. After I get my resume and discover I’m very happy with it, can I then order a cover letter? Click here
  16. How negotiable are your prices? Do you offer any discounts? Click here
  17. OK, you’ve answered everything to my satisfaction and I’m ready to advance my career. Click here.

1.   Why should I hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer instead of writing my own resume? 

  • A Certified Professional Resume Writer:
  • Is trained to prepare clear, concise, engaging phrases that command a reader’s attention
  • Knows the essential elements of a winning resume and can deliver relevant and risk-free pertinent content
  • Knows how to intrigue the powers-that-be without giving away everything, causing the human resources manager to have to  call to schedule an interview
  • Is objective enough to know what’s going to put you into the serious contender category
  • Is savvy enough to glean every bit of information that calls out, “I’m the one!” and be sure it gets into the presentation material you’ll be presenting
  • Knows industry lingo, compelling keywords, and what employers look for in presentation materials and candidates
  • Is current on job market trends and knows how to trumpet your most marketable skills and abilities
  • Knows how to promote you to secure an interview

Candace Davies is Dually Certified Resume Writer (CPRW and CRW). She is also certified as an Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) and as an Electronic Career Coach (CECC), Certified Interview Coach™ (CIC), and an Associate Certified Career Coach Candidate (ACC). In  a nutshell, Candace can help you land the job you want.

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2.   I don’t have a resume, and despise “cookie cutter” resumes. What do you do to make sure my resume isn’t mundane?

As soon as you receive our industry specific questionnaire, your concerns in this area will disappear. We painstakingly “interview” you via the questionnaire to find out absolutely everything about you that may be relevant to your job search. Our questionnaire has been designed to generate the uniqueness that is in each of our clients. The resume and any other documents we create for you will not be any more “cookie cutter” than you are, because you offer a unique combination of valuable assets to employers that no one else can match.

The subsequent worksheet we develop as a result of your questionnaire is unique in our industry. It helps our clients remember past work experiences and achievements. During the process, our clients develop a greater sense of value and confidence. This helps them on the day their new resume earns them the chance to meet face-to-face in an interview with the employer of their dreams.

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3.   How long will this take, all told?

As soon as we’ve received your payment in full and your completed worksheet/questionnaire, the process will take just five business days. Sometimes we turn projects around quicker than that, if really depends. Now, if you want your documents quicker, just ask us, we will always try to accommodate any reasonable request.

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4.   I need a new resume yesterday. Can you create one right away?

Shorter turnaround times are possible if you reach us via email or phone to let us know your deadline. But please remember: our service is dedicated to producing top quality presentation pieces, so don’t wait until the last minute to think about professional resume creation. Our regular service turnaround time is just five business days. That’s very fast for exemplary results!

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5.   How do I know you’re legit?

Check out my credentials as posted on this website. I’m a member of six resume writing and coaching organizations. We are bound by a code of ethics; if we violate a single aspect of any part of the code, our membership can become null and void, as do our credibility and reputation.  Another proof of legitimacy: Visit our testimonial page…

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6.   What if I’m not happy with the resume you create for me?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Any requests for additions or revisions are honored to ensure your complete satisfaction. We’re well aware of the power of word of mouth. In fact, our guarantee includes the statement that should you fail to land an interview within 30 days of sending out your resume, we will rewrite it for free, no one has ever taken us up on this guarantee. Please visit our testimonials page for further reassurance.

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7.   Can I make changes?

Absolutely. The documents we create belong to you.  In fact, you should tailor every cover letter to meet specific needs (alter the date, contact name, company name, address, and other flexible information). Some clients adapt sentences as well to carefully tailor their cover letters to capture the attention of a specific company or organization.

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8.   Payment up front. What’s with that?

Our industry specific career development worksheet is one-of-a-kind, unique to the occupation. This vital tool is crucial in finding you the position you’re seeking. Because of this, we cannot let this critical document go without full payment in advance. It’s your ticket to ride and what we create with it can change your life forever.  And remember, our services are 100% guaranteed, so you are not risking anything by submitting full payment in advance.

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9.   I don’t own a credit card or use PayPal. Can I pay for some other way?

Not a problem! Simply send payment via check or money order or transfer your funds via Western Union (be sure to email your transaction number and contact information if you go this route).

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10.   How ethical is it to have a professional service create my job search image?

It’s completely ethical.  In fact, we create resumes and cover letters for many high-profile executives who may not be the wordsmiths or as employment savvy as we are. They realize how vital a professional appearance is, but either they cannot afford the time and attention required to create them or this type of business communication is not one of their strong suits.

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11.   What’s with always writing a thank you note for every interview?

  • A well-crafted thank you letter accomplishes several things:
  • It reinforces your candidacy; reiterates your interest in the position
  • It allows you to continually sell your value to the prospective employer
  • It allows you to cover points that were brought up during the interview that you said you’d follow up on
  • It allows you to mention anything you may have forgotten during the interview
  • It will strengthen your position
  • It shows appreciation for the time and attention the interviewer dedicated to you

The time it takes to compose a gracious, thoughtful thank you letter is time very well spent. It places you above those who don’t – and there are plenty of people who don’t bother. It may be the final piece of the puzzle you need for the prospective employer to see the full picture and how you will fit into it! Some of our resume packagesdo include a thank you letter.

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12.   Will I need a text version of my resume and cover letter?

Yes! Many Internet-based, electronic submissions require text versions of your resume. The text version allows you to send your resume and cover letter via email to prospective employers who don’t open attachments. Text versions are also used many times when posting to company websites or online job boards that ask for cut-and-paste your resume and cover letter. If you try to cut a paste from an MS Word file the formatting will go haywire and the result will look amateurish. A text version will make your documents compatible with any word processor.

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13.   What about refunds? Will you guarantee my satisfaction?

We stand behind the exemplary quality of our work. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we won’t rest or be satisfied until you are! If you still feel the need to request a refund (it hasn’t happened yet, but there’s always a first time for everything), please let us know immediately by phone. We value you and want to make sure you’re satisfied and that we have corrected anything that you deem less than commendable.

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14.   Will you review old or current resumes and let me know how it comes across?

Certainly! We’ll be happy to give you a professional’s opinion. Since we have our finger on the pulse of what employers are looking for and deeming a great presentation, we can suggest fixes or rewrites that will help you shine when you’re out and about.

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15.  After I get my resume and discover I’m very happy with it, can I then order a cover letter?

Certainly. Simply repeat what you did to order your resume.

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16.   How negotiable are your prices? Do you offer any discounts?

Our prices are very competitive. In fact, with our credentials and experience, I would say our prices are true bargains when measured against many of our less trained (and other completely untrained) competitors. That said, yes, we do offer certain package discounts. This is the best we can do. Judging by the high satisfaction rate of our clients, we feel quite strongly that it’s adequate.

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17.   OK, you’ve answered everything to my satisfaction and I’m ready to jump in with both feet. Where do I do I start?

Go to our payment page. Order online through our secure server. Or call us toll-free at (877) 738-8052 Monday through Friday (MST) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Send an email to if you have other questions.

Please Note: We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation and assessment to discuss your career objectives and find out how your present resume has worked for you, and any other details you may need to know.

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