Accomplishment-based, Strategic Resume

Is your resume making the impression it should?

A Powerful Resume = job interviews = job offers!

Your resume needs to make the right impression. All professionals within the same field perform the same basic duties; however, what will make you stand out from the average candidate is the way you portray your job responsibilities on a resume. You need to convey that you don’t simply perform your duties, but that you make concrete contributions and differences in your field. Regardless of what your specific duties and accomplishments are, you must craft a meaty resume that portrays you as an outstanding and one-of-a-kind professional.

With a strategic resume from Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing, you will:

  • Draw positive attention to your resume with a document that is visually appealing that recruiters and hiring managers want to read.
  • Set yourself ahead of the competition by showing your intrinsic value through your accomplishments and skills.
  • Deliver a consistent message through effective branding.
  • Topple the computer generated sorting of resumes by incorporating powerful keywords that companies are searching for.

As with all services and packages ordered through Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing, your resume will be delivered to you via email as a MS Word file within five business days for your review (if you need it quicker send us an email and check our availability). We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the final document. 100% satisfaction is important to us …it is our goal for each client to be happy and satisfied when our services are complete.

You will receive your resume in Microsoft Word format, which you can further customize if you wish or use it as written.

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