Social Media Networking Guidance (Twitter and LinkedIn)

Do you have a strong internet presence?

Have you been left behind in the social media networking wave?

Are you confused about the world of social networking and how it could help you in your career?

In today’s modern employment environment, having a strong, professional, online identity is becoming more and more important as a method for driving your career forward and finding rewarding job opportunities. It is more important than ever that job seekers learn how to leverage social media in their job search. Through a strong social media profile, you can create, define, and maintain a powerful professional message that will help to attract recruiters and job offers by communicating your strengths, professionalism, knowledge, passion, and value proposition.

Let Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing help you tackle the major social media networking sites; we are experienced with these sites and in using them to benefit your job search and overall internet presence. Our social media networking guidance and coaching sessions will help you to prepare for and manage a successful internet marketing campaign that will get you results. You will receive personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions with Candace Davies, President of Cando Career Coaching and Resume Writing. She will work with you to give you the guidance and motivation to successfully build your brand through online social media networking.

Social media networking guidance will help you:

  • Take the confusion out of social media, learning how to effectively use these tools to benefit your job search and career advancement
  • Learn how to build your brand, your credibility, your network connections, and internet presence
  • Leverage the power of Web 2.0 technologies to develop and grow your internet presence and job search
  • Proactively attract your target market and recruiters through online visibility
  • Discover how to build powerful online profiles and how to participate in social media to improve your online, professional reputation

You can choose what areas you would like to focus on, as well as how many hours of consultation you’d like to receive. This means that your session(s) will be custom-designed by Candace to address your specific needs and concerns. Our social media networking guidance consultations are also incredibly convenient as they fit into your schedule and they are provided via phone.

Enjoy your personalized and specialized social media networking guidance sessions from the privacy and comfort of your home or office.

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