The Trade Resume: Required in the 21st Century

Blue-collar resumes are really no different than white-collar resumes, so what is the purpose of reading a separate page on the subject?  This page explains how a trade resume will help you get a job if you lose yours and how to access a website that offers resume writing services specifically for those in the trades.

Until recently, many trade workers didn’t require a resume and cover letter. However, hiring standards have changed. Now, every advertisement, job board, or hiring manager will request that applicants provide a resume and cover letter. Hiring managers, construction managers, and other supervisors need a way to screen out unsuitable applicants, so they ask for resumes. This reduces time and money spent interviewing candidates who are not qualified for the position available.  Your resume and cover letter will help you get called for a job.

In the past, workers obtained employment by networking or applying directly at the job site with their work boots and lunch kit in hand. Many were hired on the spot, but it’s amazing how times change. Please don’t get us wrong: going directly to the site prepared is still a great way to go about it, but carry a powerful resume with you in case you are not hired “on the spot.”

Many skilled workers work hard all day long using their hands, but they do not know how to develop a professional marketing document that will help them get a job if they lose the one they have. Unfortunately, for this reason, many workers who are qualified for an available position are not given an interview. Don’t be left out of the “possible hirees” pile; have your resume professionally designed so it will surpass your competition. We realized that there was a growing need for a service that specifically caters to hard-working people, so we developed a website just for the trades industry:

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