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“Words are power” and should not be underestimated because they create emotion in a reader’s mind.  Reading your resume, the hiring authority will do one of two things: become enthusiastic about calling you or forget what they just read and drop your resume into the “No” pile.  Your first and most important action should be to call Cando Career for help.

When you purchase one of our resume packages you can feel confident knowing that we guarantee 100% satisfaction and interviews in 30 days – or we will rewrite your resume for FREE.

Candace has spent years recruiting staff, and she knows that the majority of job seekers don’t understand the purpose of resumes and cover letters or how to write them most effectively.  Common mistakes include spelling errors and lists of boring job duties.  The resume should represent the applicant’s best work; it should not reflect a history of mediocre effort.

Before creating your resume and cover letter, we get to know you so we can gain a full understanding of your circumstances and goals.  We spend a great deal of time asking you questions to identify relevant accomplishments and skills in order to customize your documents for the position you want.  Success is dependent upon your willingness to provide us with information.  Then, we use our professional approach to make your documents powerful and unique.

We carefully and thoroughly develop your new resume and cover letter because this is the only way to successfully end your career search.  We present your credentials, skills, accomplishments, and career challenges in an honest, impressive, interview-winning way – and we are very successful.

Our clients, whether they are welders, waitresses, teachers, or executives, see a big difference in the resumes and cover letters we develop.  And, they get results!

We pride ourselves on writing original content, which is why it is important that you be involved in the development of your marketing documents.

We have developed the ability to analyze the top skills and keywords needed for certain industries.  In addition, we recognize and market your strongest traits and achievements to get you the position and salary you deserve.

Our service ensures that your resume will get noticed and entice the reader to call you for an interview.  Make your first impression a dynamic, lasting impression!

You can choose among many resume services, but I know that after seeing our

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