Why Use a Combination Resume?

A combination resume (sometimes referred to as a creative/hybrid resume) combines the benefits of the chronological and functional formats; this is why it was given its name.

Depending on to whom you speak and what books or websites you read, there are numerous ways to format a resume.  The important step is to find the format that works for you, your current situation, and your career history.

In the combination resume format, your relevant skills, accomplishments, abilities, and functions are presented first, followed by job titles that you have held (in chronological order) that used those skills and accomplishments.  This type of resume begins with a summary section, which can be quite brief, or can consist of several detailed sentences.  This summary section can also appear in the form of bulleted statements, depending on your individual situation.

The combination resume format is very well-received by hiring authorities.  It is a powerful presentation that showcases relevant skills and accomplishments, supported by a strong employment section.  The first paragraph of the professional experience section summarizes your expertise.  If your experience has been gained in less than one year, this resume immediately demonstrates that you have developed useful skills and abilities that will be valuable to the employer if you are hired for the position you are seeking.

Because of the way in which the combination resume presents employment information, many people believe that this is the most attractive and impressive resume format.

Consider using the combination resume when you:

  • Have had several different kinds of jobs, and none of them display all the skills you have for the position sought.  Skills look more impressive when they are put together into one section.
  • Have a solid, progressive work history.
  • Want to highlight impressive accomplishments and marketable skills from several previous positions, and a chronological format is expected.
  • Are developing a focused, targeted resume, and you need an effective way to match your skills to the job requirements.
  • Need to condense many years of professional experience, for example, if you are retired from the military or you held one position for many years.

To be sure that your skills and experience are presented well, consider researching other resume formats before deciding which type is best for your unique circumstances.

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