A Chronological Resume: Is It For You?

A chronological resume is designed to present your career information by date, listing your most recent position first, and then working backwards ten years.  This type of resume stresses the positions you have held and the companies where you have worked.  Recruiters and hiring managers tend to like this resume format because it’s easy to read, and it demonstrates the job seekers’ continuous career growth.  In addition, it quickly uncovers any inconsistencies. It is logical, straightforward, and it answers many of the recruiter’s questions before an interview has been scheduled.

The chronological resume is most appropriate when you:

  • Have a solid and consistent employment history, with no large gaps between jobs.
  • Are not drastically changing your career direction.
  • Have a work history that shows progressive career advancement, for example, progress from customer service to account executive to sales manager to general manager.
  • List impressive positions associated with well-known companies.
  • Are conducting an international job search.
  • Present your strongest accomplishments and relevant skills as part of a description of your most recent position.
  • Know that the hiring manager expects to see this format.
  • Are a new graduate with experience in the field in which you are seeking employment.

Make sure that you use the correct resume format for your job application. It could be the deciding factor that helps obtain an interview and, maybe, the job of your dreams.

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