You MUST Find the Hidden Job Market in Order to Attain Career Success

Approximately 85% of Job Opportunities are Never Advertised

This article provides job-search tips designed to show you the basics of accessing hidden job markets through networking, professional associations, volunteering, and company/industry research.

Networking consists of connecting with a wide variety of individuals who may be able to help with your job hunt and career planning. Network with people at job levels higher than yours so they can alert you to jobs that might interest you. Discover which skills and experiences are relevant to those jobs; get those skills! Practice your interpersonal skills to increase your visibility in the field and uncover hidden markets. Ask questions and seek answers.

Avoid staying hidden in your house. Get out often so that you can meet new people. Jobs will rarely come to you; the goal is to listen to people and seize opportunities wherever they exist.

Join an association in whatever field interests you and become an active member. Meet as many members as possible to learn about your chosen industry, and uncover possible opportunities. Browse the Internet, and find the association’s website to learn about conferences and other events in which you can participate. Talk to someone in the field in which you are interested, and ask if you can interview them for information about positions and the industry.

Volunteering provides wonderful opportunities to develop new skills, expand horizons, and help others in the community. Volunteering can also help expand your network, strengthen your resume, and give you a great deal of personal satisfaction. This is very important for people making a career transition and stay-at-home parents who are re-entering the work force. Volunteer work may be the only relevant experience you have when applying for a new job.

Studying the industry and company that interests you is a key factor when conducting an effective and successful career search. Research is necessary to define career goals, and you need to do this before writing your resume and cover letter or obtaining an interview. You can research online, in newspapers, by contacting professional associations, or by giving the company a call. The information you gather will help you focus your job search.

This is just a brief outline of some strategies you can use to tap into the hidden job market. We go into extensive detail in career planning sessions; give us a call to find out more.

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