Trends in Employment: Changing the Way We Work

Everything changes over time, and employment is no different. To remain up-to-date with current employment trends, you will want to explore the internet, as well as review magazines and newspapers to find out more about your target job.  Obtaining this information will help you find specific information about the industry and occupation in which you want to secure employment.

There are many employment trends to consider during your job search; here are a few to consider:

  • In the 21st century, it is common for people to change their employment frequently. In fact, the trend is for people to change positions every three years.
  • It is imperative that you become computer literate or upgrade your current skills. Software is changing at a phenomenal rate, and employers will expect you to know the latest version of the software programs that are used in a business environment, as well as use a computer for communication.
  • Compensation and education are interrelated. Education beyond secondary school is necessary to secure a professional position, and you will be paid accordingly.
  • The number of women who have entered the work force and successfully climbed the corporate ladder is increasing.
  • Many jobs are found through the hidden market; the majority of open positions are never advertised.
  • Companies are downsizing and reorganizing at a rapid pace.
  • There is more competition for fewer positions.
  • The demand for Information Technology (IT) professionals is expected to continue to increase.
  • There is a trend toward new jobs in smaller businesses, and fewer jobs are in larger corporations.

It is important not to get left behind; you must remember to:

  • Continue to upgrade your skills.
  • Do what you enjoy; choose something about which you are passionate.
  • Apply to smaller companies; they are likely to have more opportunities than larger companies.
  • Incorporate work, life, and learning in everything you do; then you can enjoy the rewards.
  • Hire a Career Coach to help you set goals and create a career plan.

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