The Structured Interview

Sometimes referred to as a patterned interview, the structured interview is very straightforward. The interviewer has a standard set of questions that are asked of all candidates. This makes it easier for the interviewer to evaluate and compare candidates fairly. The main purpose of a structured interview is to pinpoint job skills that are essential to the position.

Developing thought-provoking questions involves a careful and thorough analysis of the position to determine the core competencies required. The interviewer will probably collaborate with other department heads to ensure important skills and qualifications are covered. These may include skills such as verbal and written communication, decision-making, consensus-building, time management, honesty, team-building, and interpersonal skills. Many organizations will give each candidate a score using a specially planned rating scale (for example: a 1 to 10 scale). The questions selected for the interview can be situational, observational, or personal; this depends on the position and the interviewer.

The Benefits or Features of the Screening Interview

  • It is legitimate and reliable.
  • It controls the flow of the interview.
  • It addresses the employee’s particular concerns.
  • It makes the interview the same for every interviewee, and this ensures equal opportunity.
  • Similar competencies are evaluated in each meeting, which controls reliability.
  • Questions are pre-written, reducing nervousness for the interviewer.
  • It maximizes the interviewer’s time and company expense.

If important information about you has not been revealed by the close of the interview, it is imperative that you let the interviewer know. When asked if you have any questions, present this information to the interviewer, whether it is additional skills, qualifications, or accomplishments.

Don’t be alarmed if the interviewer takes notes; this is normal. They will write down your answers so they can compare you with other applicants.

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