Non-Directive Interviews

Non-directive interviews are unstructured and flexible, and include more conversation than a standard interview. They do not rely on an interviewer having prepared a list of questions in advance. This format allows the candidate to talk about his or her choice of subjects, and this makes the interview broad and general. This allows you to take control of the interview while stressing your strengths and accomplishments and avoiding your weaknesses.

It is important to determine the focus of your responses. The interviewer will ask general questions and will not ask for specific details. Some interviewers will ask few direct questions and, instead, encourage you to tell them whatever you want. For example, instead of asking, “Do you enjoy dealing with the public/customers?” they might ask, “What did you like best about your last position?”  If you are not prepared to answer open-ended questions with specific information about yourself and your abilities, you may not get hired.

The most common non-directive question is, “Tell me about yourself.” When answering, keep in mind that the employer is interested in knowing how your background, education, skills, and personality qualify you for the position. In your answer, make sure you acknowledge these areas: your education, relevant experience, valuable skills and abilities, and personal characteristics. Practice your answers before you go to an interview.  It is vital that you sell yourself and your qualifications.

Always send a thank-you card or a brief follow-up letter; this is an important step in the job search process.

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