Interview Follow Up Always Follow Up!

The interview is over; you have done your best, and now you just have to wait for the phone to ring. If this is what you are thinking, you are dead wrong.

Instead of passively waiting for a response, actively take steps to increase your chances of securing a job offer. This is your chance to thank the interviewer for his/her time, and show that you have good manners. A thank-you letter will remind the interviewer who you are; the more times your name is mentioned, the better your chances of landing that perfect job. Don’t underestimate the value of a follow-up or thank-you letter. Many job seekers fail to add this touch to their job search; don’t be one of them.

There is some very pertinent information that you can include in your thank-you letter. For example, everyone comes out of an interview thinking they should have phrased something differently. Maybe you forgot to mention something that would add value to your presentation. Maybe you forgot to mention that you are the membership director for the Chamber of Commerce; this could be important for the interviewer to know. A follow-up note is a great chance to polish responses that lacked power in the interview.

A thank-you letter should be sent the same day, or the following day, at the latest. This will keep you in the interview’s mind. Make sure your letter arrives during the decision stage, rather than afterwards.

This job-search step tells the interviewer that you are still interested in the position. Job seekers who are persistent by using thank-you letters will increase their chances of obtaining a job offer.

Call us so we can help you write a powerful, concise thank-you letter that will grab a job interviewer’s attention. Also, make sure that you match the letterhead to that of your resume and cover letter, using the same type of paper.  This attention to detail will show an interviewer that you are a professional.

A powerful resume = job interviews = job offers!

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