A Group Interview Can Be Intimidating

A group interview is conducted by a group of individuals, and it may include the supervisor, subordinates, company partners, or executives involved with the job for which you are applying. This type of interview is becoming very popular, especially if the organization has a strong team approach and wants to involve several key executives in the hiring process. A group interview allows co-workers to see how the candidate will fit into the organization and the company’s group environment.

This type of interview is very stressful for most interviewees, particularly if they are not thoroughly prepared. Questions will be asked continuously by different individuals, and this may ruin your concentration and decrease your confidence. It is more difficult to concentrate on the interviewers and read their reactions to your responses in a group interview than during a one-on-one interview.

The most effective way to ace a panel interview is to demonstrate a composed, professional disposition. Answer one question at a time, and approach the questions as if there were only one person conducting the interview. Make sure you take a breath after each question. If you get stumped, you can buy some time by asking a question yourself: asking the interviewer to repeat or clarify the question.

Another type of group interview involves a discussion with a group of fellow job seekers. This type of interview is designed to reveal the leadership capabilities of prospective managers and professional staff when facing the public, co-workers, and superiors. The top candidates are grouped together in an informal, discussion-type interview. Then, a topic is introduced, and the interviewer begins the discussion. The objective of the group interview is to see how you interact with others and how you use your knowledge and reasoning to empower and convince others. If you perform well in the group setting, you can expect to be asked back for a more extensive interview.

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