Second or Follow-Up Interview

After a screening or initial interview, employers invite those applicants they are seriously considering to return for a follow-up interview. Middle or senior managers generally conduct these interviews in a group or individually. This interview will include more in-depth questions, and the interviewer(s) will expect a greater level of preparation on the part of the candidate. Applicants should continue to research the hiring organization after the first interview, and they should be prepared to use this information to their advantage during any further contact with the potential employer.

Simply because you are invited back for a second interview does not necessarily mean that you have the job. Although a follow-up interview is always a positive sign, it is crucial that you remain on your toes and treat this interview just as important, if not more important, that your previous one. Maintain a professional demeanor at all times, and continue to display a passion or desire to work in the applied for position. This last point is extremely important. If an employer sees that your enthusiasm is waning, he or she will likely move on to someone else. Always remain positive, up beat, and motivated to attain your desired position.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you may be facing (at least one of) the same interviewers the second time around. So it is a good idea to articulate new strengths and accomplishments. The employer does not need to hear the same things as in your first interview, although it is still imperative that you (always) exhibit the qualities that they are looking for.

Furthermore, even though you do not want to appear as solely concentrating on the money, this is the time when it is appropriate to discuss salary. Know in advance the income you would like to receive and think you are qualified for, as well as the going rate for that specific position in your area.

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