Targeted Cover Letters

Targeted cover letters are extremely impressive and powerful because they are so specific. It is important to understand that a resume can be twice as effective if accompanied by a cover letter that has an attention-getting opening, is written with concise statements, is error-free, and has an action closing. You should know the company, the decision-maker’s name, the position desired, and the message you want to send. Because this type of cover letter is so specific, the success rate is very high compared to a generic cover letter.

The first step in writing a targeted cover letter is to identify your job-related, transferable, and personal skills. The next important step is to identify what type of company you would like to work for, and what skills are necessary to work in your industry of interest.

It is important to find out what skills the company desires, its philosophy, and any trends or changes within the organization over the last few years. Gather any information you can and use this to your advantage, demonstrating to the employer how you can benefit their organization. Online resources are excellent sources of useful information about companies.

You will find many general cover letter tips on our site, but one of the most important tips is to take the focus off yourself. Instead, turn the focus onto the employer. When you pinpoint how you can solve THEIR problems and why you want to work for THEM, they will be interested.

Lose the “I” and “me” wording in your targeted cover letter, and focus on wording such as “you,”” your,” “yourself,” “us,” “our,” and “we.” This approach will produce results, such as employment interviews.

A good example of this wording is, “I have a few great ideas that you may like to discuss, and then YOU will have a better idea if my expertise will be helpful to YOUR company’s future.”

A powerful resume = job interviews = job offers!

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