Resignation Letters: Caution!

Sooner or later, most of us face having to submit a resignation letter. Two weeks is the standard amount of notice that should be given; some executive level individuals will give more, and some employees leave their jobs without any prior notice.

Some people who resign have been dreaming of quitting for years, and they look forward to submitting their resignation. These individuals may find themselves venting their anger or saying things just to get revenge on their boss for perceived injustices. On the other hand, they may believe it is time to gloat because they are going to a new position in a better company.

For others, resigning is not easy, especially if they have been in the same position for a number of years and have become an integral part of a team. Others within the company may take a co-worker’s resignation personally and accuse them of desertion.

Resignation letters need to demonstrate diplomacy and professionalism, regardless of an employee’s reasons for leaving the job. Recommendations from this employer will be needed throughout your career, so DON’T BURN ANY BRIDGES. The letter should show respect, courtesy, and professionalism.  In addition, it should be brief.

You don’t need to explain the reason you are resigning. You can provide an explanation if you choose, but it is not mandatory. Your reason(s) may be honorable; however, for many, it is difficult to choose just the right wording to explain why a resignation is occurring.

Before you resign from a position, review our sample resignation letter. Each person’s circumstances are unique, and your letter should be tailored accordingly. We have written many resignation letters, and we can help with yours, so give us a call. Click here to review a resignation letter sample.

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