Beware of Employment Agencies and Executive Recruiters!

If you understand a recruiter’s role, the process of writing a cover letter will be easier to understand. Recruiters are hired to fill their clients’ employment needs. Most of the time, recruiters’ fees are paid by the employers; occasionally, the job hunter will pay. Before you submit your resume, you need to verify who is paying the fees to ensure there are no misunderstandings regarding payment for services. When writing a letter to a recruiter, you must clearly state how you can be of assistance to one of their clients, not to the agency.  Employment agencies and executive recruiters work for their clients. Please note that recruiters do not work for you! For many unemployed job seekers, agencies can be an excellent way to search for employment. They assume it will be easy for a recruiter to connect them with an employer looking for someone with their qualifications. The truth is that it is unlikely that the recruiter will have a client with an immediate opening for a candidate with your qualifications. They may need someone in a few weeks or months; you need to keep your hopes up when there are delays. If you take the time to research a number of employment agencies, you might locate one that specializes in your occupation; it is always worth sending your resume to an agency that matches your needs. Many agencies specialize in specific career fields, such as accounting, legal, sales/marketing, finance, and engineering. There are also agencies that specialize in federal or state/provincial employment and the private sector. Furthermore, employment firms fall into many different categories, such as executive recruiters, mid-level recruiters, professional employment agencies, temporary professional agencies, and traditional employment agencies. It is important to realize that agencies seek candidates for either long-term employment or temporary work. They are of limited value to those changing careers because they give little attention to job seekers who do not have the most marketable skills. Career changers have no past performance in the position they are looking to secure, and, most of the time, recruiters are not willing to concentrate on this type of candidate.

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