Network Cover Letters: Maximize Your Efforts!

Networking accounts for nearly 85% of job offers and leads; therefore, it’s very important to set up a network of friends, acquaintances, associates, and other professional contacts. This can be done via phone, in person, or by letter. You will find that the majority of people, even strangers, are very understanding and helpful to those seeking employment opportunities. This is proven by the large number of positions that are secured through networking.

A network cover letter is used to communicate to your group of contacts that you are seeking employment. When writing your letter, try to include your contact’s name in the opening paragraph; this will attract the reader’s attention and add some credibility to your document.

For example: “Your name was given to me by Phillip Jones at the Chamber of Commerce meeting, as someone who could perhaps help me break into the healthcare industry.”

After the introduction, it is important that you describe your skills, what type of positions or opportunities you are looking for, and specific firms you would like to work for.

Close with a paragraph explaining that you have enclosed your resume and that you will call the following week to see when you can meet, at the recipient’s convenience. Explain that you would appreciate any insight or guidance.

This type of letter will help you take advantage of your contacts and begin developing and improving your network to increase your job opportunities. There is truth to the statement, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Network contacts may be able to supply you with information about a career opportunity, a growing industry, or a specific company. Other professional people, who may be in the same line of work you would like to enter, are a wonderful source of information. In addition, they will share your information with people they know, and your network contact list will grow.

A powerful resume = job interviews = job offers!

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