Job Skills: Do You Know How to Present Yours?

Unfortunately, most job seekers don’t take the time to review their skills before they begin a job search. It is imperative to present your skills in the most effective way possible. The skills you offer must coincide with the position you are seeking. The presentation of your skills begins with the first resume and cover letter you send out, and this is why many job seekers hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer. This cost effective decision ensures that job hunters present their skills in the best possible way – the first time.

Think about it. If you cannot present your skills, how do you expect an employer to see what you have to offer? Tailor your resume and cover letter to the employer’s needs!

If you can’t communicate efficiently, it will hinder your job search, and this is probably the biggest negative factor in job searching. Employers want employees who can communicate effectively. Besides creating a well-written cover letter and resume, you should practice presenting your background information, experience, and skills to others, then ask for honest feedback.

In addition to the above, most job seekers underestimate their skills. A skill is something you know and do well; it is part of your personality. When reviewing your skills, make a list which reveals job specific, general, adaptable, personality, and transferable skills.

If you are having a difficult time identifying your skills, consider hiring a Career Coach to assist you.

A powerful resume = job interviews = job offers!

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