Job Rejection: It’s Never Easy

When you receive a job rejection, the most important thing to remember is to remain positive and believe that “one more job rejection is one step closer to a job offer.” When the rejection is made by telephone or in person, ask the interviewer why you were rejected.

Listen carefully to every word that the interviewer says. Don’t get into an argument; the object is to learn what negative perceptions resulted in your not being offered a job. After the interviewer finishes, ask politely and enthusiastically for an opportunity to address these points. It is very important to remain extremely professional. If the interviewer declines, don’t get discouraged; at least you were assertive enough to ask, so congratulate yourself.

The interviewer will probably be impressed, and maybe even shocked, by your persistence in the face of rejection, and will probably say, “Yes, you can respond.” If this is the case, ask when he or she can speak with you again, and make sure you do your homework and prepare to overcome the objections you have been given, regardless of whether you agree or disagree.  If the interviewer wants you to respond at that moment, do your best to address the concerns he had and improve his impression of you.

Maybe you need to polish your presentation skills, be more proactive, more relaxed, or communicate more clearly.  Remember that it takes time to get a job; you need to persevere in your job search.

Keep in mind that many employers already have someone in mind when they interview.  They interview because of a legal and/or corporate requirement.  Remember that, in many cases, you did nothing wrong in the interview; the outcome was predetermined.  If you do not get the job, then, move on!  The right job for you is out there!

A powerful resume = job interviews = job offers!

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