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  • Have recently been laid off.
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We assist busy people from diverse backgrounds to locate new career opportunities that specifically meet their requirements. Conducting a personalized job search just got easier with Cando Career.

Why Cando Career? We have the experience to ensure that our clients’ resumes and cover letters get into the right hands. We find careers for a living, and our clients get results.

There are well over 100 Internet sites where you can post your resume. We know which online job boards are worth posting on and how to get attention.

How do we know where to search for your next position?

We gather important information from you, such as location(s) desired, salary range, applicable titles, and the industries that interest you. Then, we conduct a targeted, focused search by posting to appropriate job boards and/or companies. We don’t blindly and randomly submit your resume. We tailor your search specifically for you and your needs. We target industry-specific recruiters and companies according to the information you provide.

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If you don’t make a move, you may be in the same position next year.

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“If You Are Not Happy With the Results Your Resume is Generating Then Act Now to Change Your Future”

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