Send a Follow-Up Letter After Each Interview!

Say thank you – it’s polite, expected, and a wonderful opportunity to re-sell yourself.

Let’s say the interview was great, and you answered their questions with confidence and enthusiasm. You think the job will be offered to you. STOP and take the time to remind the interviewers about the meeting. Many people believe that sending a letter after the interview is a waste of time, because the interviewers have already made up their minds – this is simply not true.

Instead of passively waiting for a response, actively take steps to increase your chances of securing a job offer. Remind the interviewer who you are – the more times your name is brought up, the better your chances of being offered the position. This is the purpose of a follow-up or thank-you letter – don’t underestimate its value. Many job seekers fail to take this opportunity to improve their chances; don’t be one of them.

There are many things you can include in your thank-you letter. For example, everyone comes out of an interview thinking they should have phrased something differently. Maybe you forgot to mention something that would add value to your presentation. Maybe you forgot to mention that you are the membership director for the Chamber of Commerce – this could be important for the interviewer to know..

Send a thank-you letter the same day, or the next day at the latest – this will keep you in the “limelight.”

This job search step reassures the interviewer you are still interested in the position. Job seekers who are persistent get results. Make sure your follow-up letter is sent during the decision-making stage, rather than afterwards.

Match the letterhead to that of your resume and cover letter, and use the same paper to make a wonderful professional presentation.

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A powerful resume = job interviews = job offers!

“If You Are Not Happy With the Results Your Resume is Generating Then Act Now to Change Your Future”

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