The Broadcast Cover Letter

The broadcast cover letter is a simple form of business communication.  Most of the information will be taken from your resume, since the purpose of the cover letter is to replace the resume. It is used as an icebreaker and to generate an initial interest in an applicant. Many individuals who use the broadcast cover letter do not wish to immediately disclose all of their credentials. The letter often generates a telephone interview, and, hopefully, an in-person meeting for a job opening. If a meeting is scheduled, the employer will request the applicant’s resume, and this can be brought to the meeting.

Highly successful, well-established executives often use the broadcast cover letter to initiate a job search. In addition, business owners often use this type of approach to market their services. Mothers re-entering the work force with little or no paid experience may use a broadcast cover letter to describe their volunteer or other applicable experiences.

The broadcast cover letter may generate limited interest from an employer because there is no accompanying resume. Because this is a letter rather than a resume, it will be more successful in getting attention if it is well written.  If not, if can be disadvantageous. It is important to use this type of letter only with targeted companies, rather than executive search firms. All the other important aspects of a cover letter must be included in the broadcast cover letter. It must be personally addressed, and it must have a commanding opening.  In addition, it must explain why you would make a great addition to the company; it should let your personality shine through; and it should always ask for a meeting in person.

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